HireIT Service Tiers & Features and Service Tier Comparison Guide

HireIT service tiers and features describe the support resources available for your School, Center, or Department, and can be tailored to provide custom solutions that best fit your IT needs.

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HireIT Service Tiers & Features
Service Tier Features
Key services Our Key services provide a help desk staffed with IT professionals Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM to provide remote support supplemented with deskside support as needed. Key services provide the IT support services commonly required across Penn. All clients receive consistent, quality, end-user support through Key services.
Extended services Extended services are designed for departments requiring extended service coverage, regularly scheduled on-site office hours, and specialty project work such as technology needs assessment for new facility spaces, AV support services, and assistance with campus initiatives and compliance requirement. This service provides custom staffing options, including the availability of subject matter experts.
Leadership services With the understanding that there are functions critical to the operations of the University, Leadership services provide additional attention and support to those who oversee the University’s academic and business operations. This provides access to IT resources to address these requirements such as full-day support for special events and other support for critical functions of the University.
Field & project services HireIT can provide ad-hoc, as-needed support for services not included in clients’ service tiers.  Services include staff augmentation, special event support, and extended project work such as technology needs assessment for new facility spaces, AV support services, and assistance with campus initiatives and compliance requirements.  Fees are hourly with additional options available for special engagements.
Certified Desktop HireIT’s new Certified Desktop tier provides commodity services to Schools and Centers with an existing local IT infrastructure and support. Services include software, operating systems, driver updates, encryption key management, and custom software fixlet creation for IBM Endpoint Manager (Bigfix). Certified Desktop ensures a standard operating baseline for machines, affording LSPs time to focus on providing IT support tailored to their own specialized environments.


HireIT can provide ad-hoc, as-needed support for services not included in clients’ service tiers, as well as other University clients who require supplemental IT services.

For more information or assistance in determining which service tier is more appropriate for your needs, please contact HireIT.

O Included with limitations
Not included 



Service Tier




Field & Project 

Certified Desktop


Create and delete accounts (e.g., email, domain)


AV equipment

Support and set up AV equipment, including equipment for events and presentations; perform equipment health checks 



Data transfer

Transfer any data from one location to another



Dedicated resource

Provide a dedicated staff member for events  



Deskside support

Provide deskside support during regular business hours, as needed 


Equipment inventory

Perform, manage, and maintain equipment inventory; provide yearly review and analysis of inventory with client  


Equipment lending

Lend equipment for academic use, travel, presentations (e.g., laptops, phones, etc.)  



Equipment specifications and purchases

Custom consultation for equipment specifications / purchases



Events / presentations

Set up equipment for events and presentations


[limited to equipment setup only]

[includes on-site monitoring during the event]


Events / all day

Provide IT support for all-day and high-profile events





Image and set up equipment with HireIT’s standard image on machines that fall within HireIT’s recommended standards 

[data transfer not included]


Imaging deviations

Create base image for machines that fall outside HireIT’s  recommended standards 



IP addresses

Maintain client IP addresses and provide yearly reviews 


Listserv configuration

Create email listservs based on client specifications 


Listserv lists

Manage listserv lists (e.g., adds, deletes, open, closed)




Listserv management

Manage listservs on an ongoing basis, including offboarding, onboarding, and providing backup support for listserv manager


[limited to onboarding/


Mobile devices

Support mobile devices (personal or work cell phones)

[limited to email and AirPennNet configuration]


Non-ISC supported software

Install software for a custom application

[anything else  beyond the baseline image is charged]



Manage all aspects of IT onboarding/offboarding of staff


On-site hours

Provide regularly scheduled on-site office hours




Operating hours

Provide a fully staffed service desk with support via phone, email, and tickets during regular office hours: M to F, 8 AM – 6 PM



Operating hours with additional support

Provide additional support outside regular business hours, including an emergency on-call contact 






Patch standard software for Windows and Macintosh machines (e.g., OS, security, and standard applications such as Office, browsers, and java).

Personal machines

Set up for remote work  (e.g., Air PennNet and RDP)




Set up and support VoIP phones for PennNet Phone 



Set up, configure, and install network printers and print queues  



Coordinate campus initiative projects (e.g., SPIA, PennKey password changes, O365 migration)



Productivity software

Support standard productivity software (e.g., Office, email)


Purchasing recommendations

Provide standard specifications and recommendations for IT purchases 


Recycling machines

Wipe drives and coordinate with an authorized recycling organization for pick up of machines from client's or HireIT’s office

[machine pick up from client's office]

[machine pick up from client's office]

[includes 90-day hold before machine is wiped & picked up from HireIT's office]

[includes 90-day hold before machine is wiped & picked up from HireIT's office] 


Ticket reports

Gives a detailed list of all tickets and the status of each ticket: open, in progress, and closed. Reports are emailed on Mondays to designated contacts and reviewed weekly by HireIT. 




Provide periodic training opportunities


Vendor negotiation

Conduct vendor negotiations for equipment, software, etc.