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Cloud Control ongoing issues update for October 2017

October 5 Update

  • The upgrade of Dimension Data’s web servers on September 22 has resulted a minor incremental improvement in Cloud Control’s performance.
  • ISC is currently awaiting an update from Dimension Data regarding their code that accesses Microsoft Online Services (MSOL).  Dimension Data believes this update will fully address the root cause of the ongoing issues.
  • On Monday, October 2, there was a minor service disruption following a Cloud Control software update performed by the vendor.  ISC is working with Dimension Data to ensure that service disruptions due to future software updates are minimized and communicated in advance.


  • Ongoing Cloud Control issues are adversely impacting functionality such as mailbox enabling.
  • ISC is continuing to work with Dimension Data and Microsoft to identify and resolve the issue.
  • Dimension Data believes they have identified the root cause. It appears to be a thread locking problem and the vendor is implementing a staged solution to resolve it.
  • Until this issue is resolved, LSPs are asked to submit requests for new accounts to ISC Client Care.  This is to minimize the chances of mailbox enabling failures which require a considerable amount of time and effort to resolve and negatively impact the user.
  • ISC will continue to have more staff available to fulfill new account requests while this issue is ongoing.

We thank you for your ongoing patience while we continue to work with Dimension Data and Microsoft to resolve this issue. We will continue to provide updates on a weekly basis or more frequently if warranted. If you have any questions or concerns regarding Cloud Control, please contact ISC Client Care at