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Data Center Planned Maintenance Schedule

Planned maintenance windows are required for regular maintenance of the technology infrastructure that supports University systems. These maintenance windows are key to the data center providing consistent and predictable service and helps to deter against unplanned downtime. Examples of work to be performed include hardware maintenance, repair and upgrades, software upgrades and patching, and changes to improve performance and manageability of systems.  We have scheduled all outages for weekends and on dates that are the least disruptive to significant campus events and key dates in the University’s academic and business calendars.

Thirty days before each scheduled outage, ISC will provide additional details about the outage on its Alerts & Outages page.

    Data Center Planned Maintenance Windows
2023 Fiscal Year
Month Day Duration Status Maint Type
August -'22    6,7 48 Hours Scheduled Data Center and Network
October - '22 2 8 Hours Under Review TBD
February 5 12 Hours Under Review TBD
June 4 8 Hours Under Review TBD
2024 Fiscal Year
  Month Day Duration Status Maint Type
 August -'23 5,6 48 Under Review TBD
 October - '23 1 8 Under Review TBD
 February 4 12 Under Review TBD
June 2 8 Under Review TBD


Status Legend
Under Review - Pending CAB and Sr. Staff Approval
Cancelled - No Maintenance this period
Scheduled - Approved by CAB and Sr. Staff
Completed - Complete
Maint Type Legend
Network - Maintenance to network infrastructure
Data Center -  Maintenance to Data Center Facilities
Servers and Storage - Maintenance to systems and applications
TBD - To Be Determined


We appreciate your cooperation as we make these necessary improvements.  If you have any questions about the schedule, please contact ISC Client Care. If you have any questions or concerns about the applications you use, please contact your regular application support resource or Local Support Provider.