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Planned: KITE Domain Controller IP address change on March 13, 2018 (Update)

Please note: The change below was originally scheduled for tomorrow, March 7th, and has been postponed to the date and time as indicated below.

Date: Tuesday, March 13, 2018 
Start Time: 7:30 AM
Duration: 4.5 hours (until 12:00 PM)
Buildings Affected: All campus

Services Affected: KITE Active Directory (ISC)

Description: The IP address for the KITE domain controller will be changing from to

Impact: KITE has five (5) domain controllers for redundancy; authentication to KITE should not have any impact on end users.

Impact for campus IT departments: If you have firewall rules that specify the IP addresses of the KITE domain controllers those rules will need to be updated.

If you have any applications which specify the LDAP string for kite-dc04 those will need to be updated.

Firewall rule guidance and IP addresses for all KITE domain controllers can be found on the following page under #4: (PennKey authentication required to view this page)