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Planned: Polycom VVX Handsets OS Upgrade and Reboot on September 28, 2017

We plan to roll out an OS upgrade all VVX handsets on September 28, 2017 at 9PM to address small bugs.

All VVX 201 and VVX 401 handsets will be remotely restarted around 9PM to 9:30PM, and will take several minutes to complete the upgrade.

The phone will not be usable during the upgrade, and calls made to the VVX phones during the upgrade will take the following path:

  1. 1. Call Forward All (if enabled)
  2. 2. Call Forward No Answer (if enabled)
  3. 3. Advance One (if enabled)
  4. 4. Voicemail (if activated)
  5. 5. Generic "unavailable" greeting (if no voicemail)

SoundPoint and SoundStation handsets (most of the phones on campus) will not be upgraded or rebooted.

If you do not wish to have particular handsets rebooted at this time, please email us the MAC Address of the handset and we'll exclude it from the automatic upgrade.

You will need to restart it manually at a later time to receive the upgrade.

You can find the MAC Address of a handset by looking at its bottom or going through the handset UI:

  1. 1. Press the "Home" key
  2. 2. Select "Settings"
  3. 3. Select "4 Status"
  4. 4. Select "1 Platform"
  5. 5. Select "1 Phone"
  6. 6. The "S/N" field contains the MAC address.  (starts with a "0004" or a "6416")

There are no new features or user impacting changes included in this upgrade, except the "Do Not Disturb" icon is now easier to see when DND is enabled.

If you experience any problems beyond the planned upgrade window, please contact ISC Client Care at 215-898-1000.