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Recent updates to the PennFlex MobileConnect app

Mobile Connect for Mobile app for Android 

Vonage, our cloud service provider, pushed an automatic update for a new version of their Android OS MobileConnect app (also known as Vonage Enterprise) over the past weekend. While the update appeared to work without problems for most people, ISC has received a few reports of issues with this new version.

As a workaround, manually installing the latest Android OS version of MobileConnect can resolve any usability issues with MobileConnect that you may be experiencing. Please refer to the following instructions for downloading the newest software version and/or signing into your account:

MobileConnect for Desktop app for Windows and macOS 

We previously notified you on 1/26/2021 about a new version of the desktop MobileConnect app for Windows and macOS. This version includes bug fixes and a security certificate update, as well as cosmetic changes to the user interface and login process. Some IT support providers reported issues deploying the BigFix fixlet that was provided. If you have experienced issues with the fixlet, please open a ticket with ISC Client Care. 


Please contact us at if you have any additional questions. If you need to report a problem outside of business hours, please contact ISC Client Care and follow the after-hours prompts.