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Unplanned: PennNet Phone service degradation: voicemail issue on November 14, 2017

SUBJECT: PennNet Phone service degradation: voicemail issue

Date: Tuesday, November 14

Duration: Between 11:35am and 12:31pm

Impact: Voicemail recording sporadically failed.

On Tuesday, November 14, between 11:35am and 12:31pm, a misconfigured system script caused the temp disk used to store ongoing voicemail recordings to fill.  As a result, some callers who attempted to record a voicemail could not.  Affected calls may have resulted in the voicemail system announcing that the recording failed to the caller.  If the caller had retried the call, they likely would have been able to successfully record a voicemail.  

While the issue was ongoing, most callers were not adversely impacted.  However, approximately 20-30 calls were affected. These calls can be identified, if need be.  

The script that caused the error has been disabled and steps will be taken to prevent this issue from occurring again.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact ISC Client Care at