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PCNet: Cisco Meraki Information Session

| 2:00pm to 3:30pm Sansom Place's Bits and Pieces, Room 306

Matthew Schaner, Product Specialist for Cisco Meraki will review the enhanced capabilities of Systems Manager Enterprise, an advanced network-integrated Mobile Device Management platform. We will review asset tracking, app deployment, device restrictions as well as Security enhancements and Network Policy enforcement as part of the overall Cisco Meraki Platform. Cisco Meraki offers Cloud Managed MDM, Wireless, Switching, Firewall and Teleworker solutions that are easy to manage, and quick to deploy. Cisco Meraki is changing the way the industry views networking as the fastest growing Product set in the history of Cisco.

  1. Review of Cisco Meraki
    1. Cloud Architecture Discussion
    2. License Model
  2. Systems Manager (MDM) Deep Dive
    1. Enrollment & Asset Tracking
    2. Device Restriction & GeoFencing
    3. App Push, Apple DEP, Apple VPP
    4. Security Policies & Profiles
    5. Device Control & Tags
    6. Network Integration
  3. Wireless Discussion
    1. Wireless Architecture
    2. Internal vs BYOD vs Guest Networks
    3. Data Collection and Tracking
  4. Switching Discussion
    1. Virtual Stacking
    2. Troubleshooting
  5. Firewall Discussion
    1. Content Filtering, AntiVirus and IDS/IPS
    2. Instant VPN
  6. Teleworker Discussion
    1. Zero-Low Touch Deployments