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Data Viz SIG: Data-related services from the Library

| 12:00pm to 1:00pm Huntsman G50

Data-related services from the Library: Manuel de la Cruz Gutierrez and Margaret Janz will talk about data-related services that the library offers, including discussion of data science offerings.
Data Viz Competition!: We’d like to pull together those of you who in the viz competition to share your entries for the chance for fabulous prizes and renown.  And, if you haven’t thought at all about the competition, it’s definitely not too late.  This is meant to be a very friendly competition and a chance to play with some data and the tool of your choice.  See below for the link to the data set in Box.  *PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU’D LIKE TO PARICIPATE* so we can plan the time accordingly.

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