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IT Orientation General Session

| 9:00am to 12:00pm Bits & Pieces, Room 306 Sansom Place West

In an effort to paint a clear picture of the overall IT landscape at Penn, ISC offers orientation sessions for all IT staff at the University. General orientation sessions are held three times a year. Follow-up sessions on specific areas of IT at Penn are held periodically throughout the year. While we especially encourage IT staff who are new to Penn to attend, IT Orientation sessions are open to all of Penn s IT professionals. These sessions provide information about how we do things at Penn and also give you a chance to meet key people at the University as well as your colleagues in other schools and centers.

The General Sessions cover some of the core IT services, as well as important policies and an overview of the way IT decisions are made at Penn. We'll also give you information on groups you can join to network with other IT professionals, share the knowledge you bring to Penn, and outline some of the opportunities to build your skill set through training and development. Some of the groups represented at the next general session include:

· Tom Murphy, Vice President, Information Technology & University Chief Information Officer
· ISC Information Security Office
· Office of Audit, Compliance and Privacy
· ISC Client Services & other Resources for IT Professionals

Breakfast refreshments will be provided. For additional information, please contact


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