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Lunchtime Learning: Working with Knowledge Link Data in Excel

| 12:00pm to 1:30pm ISC Training Lab Room 220 Sansom Place West

Stephanie Riley, from ISC IT Learning Solutions, will be giving an instructional workshop on running reports in Knowledge Link.

Knowledge Link reports are basic excel spreadsheets. How can we make more sense of them? Depending on the report, sometimes the data or fields don't give you what you need. In this session you will have hands-on exercises covering:

·    A Review of Basic Reporting
·    Scenarios such as:
o    How many people completed X, Y, and Z courses in the last year?
o    What is our level of compliance with ABC Curriculum by payroll organization?
o    How many people completed courses provided by our department in 2018?

As always there will be time for Questions & Answers.
Attendees should have basic reporting experience in Knowledge Link and some basic familiarity with Excel. Unsure? please reach out to

To reserve your seat for this session, please register using Knowledge Link.


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Sponsored by ISC IT Learning Solutions