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Pantheon for Technology Purchasing Decision Makers

| 10:00am to 11:30am Bits & Pieces, Room 306 Sansom Place West

Pantheon ( is a University-contracted provider of web hosting services for Drupal and WordPress, now in widespread use at Penn. This session will address the needs of those who make purchasing decisions for web hosting services. Even if you do not currently use Pantheon, WordPress, or Drupal, this is an opportunity to learn more about how the Pantheon cloud-hosting service is used at Penn and other universities. Discover how Pantheon enables faster development and deployment while providing improved stability and security. Agenda:

  • Concise "What is Pantheon?" and the needs and business problems it solves
  • Overview of adoption at Penn
  • Options for interested constituents who want to get started
  • Migration services
  • Q&A