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Understanding Wireless Security

| 12:00pm to 1:30pm Arch 108

Have you ever wondered why we secure our wireless networks? Is your traffic encrypted end to end? Why you should or shouldn't use an open wireless network? Do you understand the difference between proper and improper configuration for connecting to AirPennNet?

In this talk, Charles Rumford from the Network Engineering Research and Development group in ISC Technology Services will be giving a overview of the basics of wireless security. Come hear about why you should or shouldn't be using that open wireless network, or the real reason that we use passwords on our wireless networks. He will also be covering the basics of enterprise wireless encryption and why it is important to configure your machines correctly to connect to AirPennNet. The talk is expected to last about 45-50 minutes with the remaining time open for Q&A and dive deeper into different topics.


Super User Group (SUG)