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SUG: Where does it all go? An overview and analysis of Penn’s $116M IT spend profile

| 12:00pm to 1:30pm Arch 108

Since 2014, spending on IT services, hardware, and software has been closely tracked across the campus with increasing detail and understanding.   Penn surpassed $100M in IT spend for the first time in FY16, with FY17 ending at an astonishing $117M.  
We invite you to join Purchasing Services at this month’s SUG meeting as we take a deeper dive into the IT purchasing numbers:  nearly 900 IT vendors, over 400 software companies, 975 contracts, and 6500 purchase orders across 16 IT categories ranging from software to hardware to services to telephony services.  What trends are starting to emerge?   Why has the number of software vendors nearly doubled in less than three years?  What common problems are we encountering with our vendors across campus, and importantly, what opportunities exist to collaborate and achieve greater value out of our current vendor relationships?  Learn about new purchasing strategies and initiatives being planned for FY18 and beyond.

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