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Will It Break? - Factors of Durability in Mobile Devices

| 12:00pm to 1:30pm Sansom Place West Room 306 Bits & Pieces Room

Durability is becoming an increasingly boasted-about feature in mobile devices as of late, with smartphones and smartwatches claiming labels such as "shatterproof" and "waterproof." How do we know just how durable these devices truly are? Is there a standard for just how waterproof something is? Why do some devices shatter when dropped, while others don't?

ISC s Mobile Technologies Lead, Matt Sullivan, will be providing an overview of materials and testing standards used by mobile device manufacturers. The presentation will comprise of a demystifying of the IP rating standards and an overview of the various materials used to improve durability. In addition, a hands-on showcase, testing the claims of the various manufacturers, will be included. Bring your lunch, and come prepared to step on a phone, or drop a functioning smartwatch in water (because we all know you would never purposefully do this with your own!).

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