Firewall Services - Rates


Service FY'20 FY'21
Departmental Firewalls  
Small $21.50/node/month $21.50/node/month
Medium $90.20/node/month $90.20/node/month
Large $237.47/node/month $237.47/node/month
X-Large $542.65/node/month $542.65/node/month
Secure Remote Access  
Full VPN Access $12.50/month/per simultaneous user $12.50/month/per simultaneous user

The University Firewall offering is funded by Allocated Funds as recommended by the Penn Technology Investment Committee (PTIC).

The Departmental Firewall cost model is based on ISC owning the Firewall hardware. The billed monthly cost includes ISC support and the hardware replacement costs, amortized over 5 years, including vendor maintenance.

For more information, contact ISC Client Care.

ISC rate increases are generally aligned with University increases.

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