Firewall Services - Rates


Service FY'20 FY'21
Departmental Firewalls  
Small $21.50/node/month $21.50/node/month
Medium $90.20/node/month $90.20/node/month
Large $237.47/node/month $237.47/node/month
X-Large $542.65/node/month $542.65/node/month
Secure Remote Access  
Full VPN Access $12.50/month/per simultaneous user $12.50/month/per simultaneous user

The Departmental Firewall cost model is based on ISC owning the Firewall hardware. The billed monthly cost includes ISC support and the hardware replacement costs, amortized over 5 years, including vendor maintenance.

For more information, contact ISC Client Care.

ISC rate increases are generally aligned with University increases.

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