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Adium is a supported instant messaging client for OS X. Instant messaging is the the exchange of typed messages between computer users in real time via the Internet.

Adium was patched in late January 2016 to fix an issue with third-party updater software that could allow remote code execution. Please ensure that you are running Adium or above.



Download Adium for OS X from the Adium web-site.

Configuring Adium for Penn's Jabber service

  1. Open Adium, quit the Adium Setup Assistant if necessary, and choose Preferences... from the Adium menu. The Accounts window opens.
  2. Click on the Accounts tab to make sure you are in that tab. If there is already an account that has your PennKey name and next to the light-bulb icon, then you already have an account setup. Double click on your PennKey to modify the account. Otherwise, click on the + (plus) button to create a new account and choose Jabber
  3. Under the Account tab, enter your PennKey name and in the Jabber ID: field.
  4. Enter your PennKey password in the Password: field.
  5. Select the Automatically connect on launch checkbox, so that Adium connects to the Jabber server when you start it.
  6. Click the Personal tab.
  7. In the Alias: field, fill in the name you would like to appear as in other people's Jabber client. You can also choose the image you would like to use as your icon.
  8. Click the Options tab.
  9. In the Connect Server: field, enter
  10. In the Port: field, enter 5223
  11. Select the Force old-style SSL checkbox.
  12. Click the OK button. The Accounts window displays and begins to connect you to the University's Jabber server.
  13. Look for the entry with your PennKey and and make sure that the checkbox in front of it is checked. At the end of that row there should also be the word "Online".

You have now set up Adium with your Jabber account on the Penn Jabber server. You can now use this as another means to contact and keep in touch with colleagues at the University.

Adding contacts

Follow the instructions below to add users to your contacts list.

  1. Choose Add Contact... from the Contact menu. The Add Contact dialog opens.
  2. Ensure that Jabber is selected in the Contact Type: dropdown menu.
  3. In the Jabber ID: field, enter the PennKey name plus for the person you are trying to contact.
  4. In the Alias: field, enter a name that you would like the person to appear as in your contact list.
  5. To make sure that they appear in your contact list, ensure that the checkbox next to your account is checked in the "On Accounts" list.
  6. Click the Add button.