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Assignments was for many years a component of ISC's Network Names & Numbers service. On October 16th, 2021 it was replaced with a new Network Names & Numbers management portal.

Assignments is a locally developed application for DNS content management, used by IT staff authorized to make DNS record changes for their respective units. 

The Assignments service is delivered via an application that can be installed on Mac or Windows systems. It is also available through an XML-RPC API for groups that wish to develop and maintain programmatic access


Penn Assignments Service: Host Registration & DNS Management

Assignments is the service—a desktop client and web service API— that implements two, crucial network-related function at Penn:

  1. Register nodes on PennNet for the purpose of contact management and per-IP billing as required by the Policy on the use of PennNet IP address space
  2. Manage supported DNS resource record types as permitted by the Policy on the use of domain name space