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Intel I2xx/825xx Network card network flooding issue fix

There is a known driver bug which affects Dell systems with Intel I2xx/825xx model network cards.  Affected systems can flood the network with IPv6 multicast traffic during S1 sleep state, causing severe and widespread network performance degradation.  To address this issue, Dell released updated drivers for affected systems on March 31, 2014.

Systems without updated drivers that go into S1 sleep state are at risk for network deactivation, as the resulting network flooding causes severe service degradation. Users are strongly advised to update the drivers on affected systems immediately. Furthermore, users with non-Dell systems using Intel I2XX are encouraged to check their manufacturers' websites for updated drivers, as the issue may extend to them as well.

For more information or to download the updated drivers, please see:

Affected systems:

  • OptiPlex 9020
  • OptiPlex 9020 AIO
  • OptiPlex XE2
  • Latitude E5440
  • Latitude E5540
  • Latitude E6440
  • Latitude E6540
  • Latitude E7240
  • Latitude E7440
  • Precision T1700
  • Precision M4800
  • Precision M6800

Affected operating systems:

  • MS Windows Server 2012
  • MS Windows Server 2012 R2/SP
  • MS Windows 7 32-bit
  • MS Windows 7 64-bit
  • MS Windows 8 32-bit
  • MS Windows 8 64-bit
  • MS Windows 8.1 32-bit
  • MS Windows 8.1 64-bit