View All Resources FAQ is an online video service that provides access to hundreds of courses and tutorials taught by industry experts and leaders. Beginner and advanced tutorials are available in business, technology, software, and creative skills. Software tutorials include products widely used on campus such as Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus services and applications, Adobe's suite of products, Drupal, and Google Analytics. Tutorials on beta and pre-release versions of software are also available. Use to learn a new subject or brush up on an existing skill you already have.

Overview training is available to all Penn faculty, students, and staff with a valid PennKey.  For more information about the University's offering and benefits, including support and related services, please visit ISC's service page.

Use your PennKey and password as your login credentials to access the full library, including exercise files.

  • Desktop: Go to Do not go directly to (If you wish to bookmark for easy access, your bookmark must also point to
  • Mobile devices: Access to from your mobile device is available with the app. To login via your mobile device: Open the app, tap Login, and then select the Organization tab. On the Organization tab, under the Web Portal section, type in the field, and then tap the Log in button. You'll then need to enter your PennKey and password to access 
Frequently Asked Questions: 

All current faculty, staff, and students are eligible for a account. If you believe you should have access but don’t, contact ISC Client Care.

You'll need to enter an email during your first login to Lynda. Note: To log into Lynda, go to Do not go directly to

Your account will become inactive. We recommend you download or print any notes or certificates you want to keep before departing.

No, that only applies to personal accounts not affiliated with the University.

Someone can transfer their personal Lynda account into an account affiliated with Penn, but not the other way around. We recommend that, before transferring account information, you consider how the Penn account will become inactive upon leaving.

Check Lynda's Systems Requirments to ensure Lynda will be able to run on your device, then visit Lynda's app site for download.

For help taking Lynda courses, visit Lynda Support.

For help accessing your Lynda account, visit ISC Client Care.