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PennGroups to PennBox FAQ

Below are answers to common issues for PennBox with respect to PennGroups.

Contact ISC Client Care to have a PennGroup added. In your request:

  • Specify the name of the PennGroup. The name must begin with: group_ (e.g. group_iscStaff) (the  group_  prefix followed by a short alphanumeric label).
  • Provide the name of an existing PennGroup of staff that you own and who should be able to manage that Group.
  • Let us know if this Group will be data driven (e.g., based on employee organization) and provide the requirements. Queries originate from Penn Community or Data Warehouse.

The Group of staff specified on Group creation will have UPDATE on the group and can update the memberships in PennGroups.  Data driven groups can have manual includes and excludes.

    PennGroups is the system of record, so changes to memberships cannot be made in Box.

      Members of the Group can see fellow members in Box.  The Sharing tab on the upper right of the Box interface contains the members that have access to that folder resource.  The Group managers identified at Group creation also can see the members in PennGroups.

        Changes in PennGroups to existing Box users propagate to Box usually after a few minutes.

          New Box accounts require that the user first log in. Once they’ve done that, they will appear in the group on Box upon the completion of the next full sync, which runs early each morning.

            You need a PennKey and an active STU, FAC, STAF, TEMP, SERV, CTWK or HCOR affiliation in PennCommunity.

              Box features include:
              • Roles (like Co-owner, Editor, and Viewer): These are assigned to users by folder or even file. A user can have Editor access to one Co-Owner of another folder. For more detail, see the Box Community article called Understanding Collaborator Permission Levels.
              • Groups: Administrative staff can create a group within Box. Managing a group requires an Owner and an ongoing responsibility to add and remove people as they come and go. All members of a group start with the same role for a folder or file, unless a specific role is assigned to a member of that group. In PennBox, all groups follow the same naming convention (grp-org-accountname)
              PennGroups integration with PennBox:
              In an effort to lessen the maintenance burden that comes with managing a Box group, the University's custom PennGroups application has been integrated with PennBox. Pre-populated PennGroups can be used to quickly provide collaboration on in a Box file or folder for an entire PennGroups of users. As users leave or transfer within the University, their PennGroups affiliations are automatically updated appropriately.