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PennNet Phone Telephone Features

Polycom Set Features

User Guides for Polycom telephones and their features are available for download. To activate PPS (PennNet Phone Service) telephone features, log into PPS (PennKey authentication required).
Feature Description Activate Using
Advance One When Advance One is enabled for a PennNet Phone number and the inbound call is not answered, the inbound call is directed to the Advanced One destination number. If the destination number is not answered, the call goes to the voice mail of the originally called PennNet Phone number. PPS
Anonymous Call Rejection Reject incoming calls from anonymous callers. The caller will receive an announcement that the number called does not accept anonymous phone calls; the handset will not ring, and the call will not appear in the handset's Missed Call Directory. PPS
Bridged Line Appearance Configure a single number to appear on multiple handsets and each handset can answer and view the status of the Bridge Line Appearance number. An incoming call will simultaneously ring on all sets until answered on one of the sets in the group. Once the call is answered, the lamp indicator for the number remains lit on all of the phones. If the call is placed on hold, it can be picked up on any other phone in the group eliminating the need to transfer the call. Unanswered calls are sent to voice mail, if a voice mail account has been established. Contact your LSP/TSP
Call Forward All
Forward incoming calls to another phone number.
You can continue to make outgoing calls while call forwarding is activated. The Call Forward All destination number may be displayed to other PennNet Phone subscribers when this feature is enabled.
Call forwarding is limited by the call restrictions on your number. If you can only dial local calls, then you cannot forward your line to a long distance number. Scheduler is used to control feature activation and deactivation. Call Forward All can be "scheduled" to automatically turn on and off at a specified day, date or time.
Call Forward All overrides all call forwarding options (Advance One, Call Forward on Busy, and Call Forward on Ring No Answer).
Call Forward on Busy Does your phone number only appear on one phone? Redirect incoming calls to another telephone number when your phone number is busy. The destination number can be a PennNet phone number, or any off-campus telephone number. Call Waiting must be turned off to activate this feature. PPS
Call Forward on Ring No Answer Redirect calls to another number if you are unable to answer the phone. The forward-to number can be an on campus or off-campus number. PPS
Call Hold Put a call on hold. Polycom Telephone
Caller ID See the phone number of the incoming call. If the caller is another PennNet Phone subscriber, you will also see the caller's name. PPS
Caller ID (Custom) By default the Caller ID Name is the full name of the primary owner of a PennNet Phone Number. This Caller ID Name text is seen when one PennNet Phone calls another; the text appears in the handset display. Setting custom Caller ID Names for a line will override the default name. This is useful when a number is shared among multiple handsets with different owners. PPS
Caller ID Block Block your caller ID from being displayed when you make a call. (The University sends the telephone number and generic name, U of Penn, truncated in some fashion. The University does not send individual names.) PPS
Call Waiting Provides a beep sound to alert you that someone else is trying to reach you, the display shows you the telephone number of the inbound call. PPS
Do Not Disturb Prevent your telephone from ringing. Polycom Telephone
Intercom Line Make and receive calls from other members of your Intercom group without using your campus phone number. Up to 99 members in an Intercom group. Contact Your Telephone Support Provider (TSP)
Intercom Directory The Intercom Directory is a feature that is available to all handsets with an intercom line. The user may view the list of Intercom Group members in the Directory and choose to dial one from the display screen. The feature is accessed using PPS Mini on the phone set. Contact Your Telephone Support Provider (TSP)
Ring Group Configure multiple phones to share a telephone number which will ring simultaneously until the call is answered from a telephone within the group. Unanswered calls go to voice mail, if a voice mail account has been established. Contact Your Telephone Support Provider (TSP)
Missed call log enabled/disable per line, per set When Missed Call Tracking is disabled, missed calls to the line will not appear in handsets' missed call list or change the missed call counter on the handset display. Consider using this option when you have multiple lines on your handset but only want to see the missed calls for your personal number. A handset restart is required when Missed Call Tracking has been modified in order for the changes to take effect. PPS
Music on Hold Music will be heard by the party on hold when Music on Hold is enabled for the campus number that put the call on hold. The Music that plays is determined by the Music on Hold Source selected in PPS. Several options are available. PPS
Scheduler Used in conjunction with Call Forward All, scheduler is used to control activation and deactivation. Call Forward All can be "scheduled" to automatically turn on and off at a specified day, date or time. PPS
Ring Settings Adjust how long your phone rings before a call is redirected. Unanswered calls take one of the following action after this setting.
  • Call Forward on No Answer (if enabled)
  • Advance One (if enabled)
  • Forward to Voice Mail (if Voice Mail account exists)
  • Play the system unavailable message (if Voice Mail account does not exist)

The number of rings may vary a little depending on the source of the call and the selected ring tone.

Stutter Message Waiting/Waiting Lamp Provides a stutter dial tone to alert you to new voice mail messages. Polycom Telephone
Three-Way Calling Establish a conference call between yourself and two other parties. Polycom Telephone
Transfer Transfer calls with or without speaking to the person who is to receive the transferred call. Polycom Telephone