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PennNet Phone Troubleshooting FAQ


Typically the University of Pennsylvania has dispatched these Polycom phone models: IP VVX401 (12 line desk phone), IPVVX201 (2 line wall mount), IP6000 (Conference phone), IP 650, IP 550, and IP 321. The type of model is listed on the back of the model near the MAC address. 


Please Note: Starting this fiscal year, new phone orders and replacements for broken desk phones will be fulfilled with Polycom VVX 401 for desk phones, or the Polycom VVX201 for wall-mounted phones. We are not currently planning to replace functional SoundPoint 321, 550, or 650 phones. We have fully tested the interaction between the new VVX phones and our current SoundPoint phones, we expect no problems with interoperability, even within ring groups, BLA groups, intercom groups and ACD agent sets.


Polycom IP 550

Polycom IP 650

Polycom IP 321

Polycom VVX201


Polycom VVX401



Every Polycom phone has a unique 12 character MAC address that is located on the back of the phone set. For the older Polycom phones (Polycom 550, Polycom 321, Polycom 650)  MAC address begins with “0004F” and for the newer Polycom phones (Polycom VVX401, Polycom 321) MAC address begins with "64167.."



Follow these troubleshooting steps before submitting a PennNet Phone Incident Report: 


  1. Is the phone plugged into the correct and/or activated VoIP wallplate?
  2. Are all cables securely connected to your phone?
  3. Is the cable connected to your phone in the LAN cable port?
  4. Is the opposite end of that cable securely punched down to the VoIP wall plate (usually labeled with blue tab)?



Press the Menu key -> Select Settings -> Select Basic -> Select Restart Phone -> Press the Yes soft key to confirm reboot



ISC does provide new handset receiver cords and ethernet cables. Open a ticket with ISC Client Care specifying the location of the handset and username.



Press the Menu key -> Select Status -> Select Network -> Select TCP/IP Parameters. Your IP address will be displayed on the screen.



For major departmental moves please consult your Local IT Support to find out the plan of action. Generally, Polycom phones can be moved to any other activated VoIP wall plate. 



The correct international dialing pattern is 9 + 011 + country code + city code + phone number.