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PennO365: Account Deprovisioning

PennO365 ProPlus accounts are automatically provisioned for people that meet the eligibility criteria.  IT organizations then determine which of these automatically provisioned PennO365 accounts need to have mailboxes enabled.  

If an account loses any of the criteria needed for it to be PennO365-eligible, it is flagged for deprovisioning.

(PennO365 will deactivate any automatically provisioned account if the account no longer has an active eligible PennCommunity affiliation. Once automatic deprovisioning is enabled, accounts belonging to users that do not have an active eligible affiliation will be automatically deleted sixty (days) after their affiliation became inactive.  The mailbox will not receive mail while deprovisioned.)


If the account loses any of the attributes that made it eligible for PennO365, it is flagged for deprovisioning.  The account will still be functional but will show up in deprovisioning reports.

After 60 days, it will be deprovisioned.   At that time, it is inaccessible and will not receive new mail.

After 30 more days, the account is permanently deleted and cannot be retrieved.

The account must meet all the eligibility criteria to avoid being flagged for deprovisioning.

  1. Give the person an appropriate affiliation in PennCommunity.  CTSY (Courtesy) is an affiliation that would keep the user active in PennO365 but limit access to other University systems.  (If you are not the PennKey administrator for your group, please contact the PennKey administrator to create an active affiliation.)
  2. Wait for 15-20 minutes for the PennCommunity information to sync with PennO365 and for autoprovisioning to complete.
  3. Override the person in ARS.
  4. Use ARS to mailbox enable the person as usual.
  5. Wait for up to an hour for all stages of mailbox enablement and licensing to complete.

If you want the contents of the old mailbox to be attached to the newly reinstated account, you must reinstate the account within 30 days of deprovisioning.

Sometimes a person separates from the University but the department needs for their email account to continue to function.  See this page for special considerations.