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PennO365 eligible affiliations

[ Last updated November 18, 2020 ]

Persons in Penn Community with the following active affiliation codes are eligible for a PennO365 account. Affiliations are a form of association to the University, and Penn Community can store multiple affiliations for a person.

Note: Schools/Centers should choose from the below affiliations and, where possible, indicate a sponsoring org code as the owner of a particular affiliation in Penn Community.

ADJF[3] Adjunct Faculty
CHOP[3] Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
CTSY[3] Courtesy
CTWK[1] Contingent Worker
ERF[4] Retired Faculty (Emeritus only)
FAC[1] Faculty
OVSR[3] Overseer
PALM[3] Probable/Potential Alumni
PPOL[3] Penn Police
PSTU[3] Potential Student
PUBS[3] Public Safety
RELG[3] Religious Communities
RES[3] Research
SERV[3] Service Provider
SFAC[3] Special Faculty
STAF[1] Staff
STU[2] Student
TEMP[1] Temporary Staff
TRUS[3] Trustee
UAGT[3] University Business Agent
VFAC[3] Visiting Faculty
VMST Visiting Medical Student
VOLP[3] Volunteer (Persistent, Reserved)
VSCO[3] Visiting Scholar
VSTU[3] Visiting Student

[1] These affiliations are derived from employment records in Payroll systems.

[2] These affiliations are derived from enrollment records in SRS.

[3] These affiliations are derived from records manually entered into PennCommunity.  A student division or employee organization override is required before a PennO365 account is provisioned.  To determine which override is needed, use the O365 Enrollment tool to find out the user's "O365 Primary Affiliation". For more information, see "O365 Tools Application" article.

[4]  An ERF affiliation is only eligible for PennO365 if they are Emeritus faculty.   Emeritus faculty are indicated by a job classification in the job family of either "Emeritus,"Tenure" or "Clinician Educator" in Workday.

NOTE: Non-emeritus Retired Faculty (ERF) and non-emeritus Retired Staff (RTSF) are no longer eligble affiliations as of November 15, 2018.


  • Ben Franklin is listed in Penn Community with the active affiliation of PGUE and has no other active affiliations. Ben Franklin cannot receive an O365 account—PGUE affiliations are not eligible for PennO365 accounts. To receive an O365 account, one of the affiliations listed in the table above must be added to Ben’s record in PennCommunity. 
  • Ben Franklin is listed in Penn Community with two active affiliations: PGUE and FAC. Ben will receive an O365 account based on the active FAC affiliation.