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PennO365 non-PennKey account naming standards

[ Last updated June 20, 2017 ]

The goal of this document is to set a common naming standard for all School and Center non-PennKey PennO365 accounts. This document will be updated periodically as we gain experience with the PennO365 service. In the future, we may develop a way to enforce business rules automatically. For now we ask all to honor these naming conventions.

Standards overview

Non-PennKey accounts include:

  • Shared accounts 
  • Resources  
    • Rooms (Conference, Classrooms, etc.)
    • Equipment
      • Projectors 
      • Microscopes 
      • Vans


Account name – Unique identifier (e.g. ISCConf337a)

Display name – Name that appears in the GAL, presented alphabetically (ISC 3401 Walnut Conf 337A)

address – An account’s login credential (

Account names

Account name requirements: 

  • Be a minimum of 9 characters and no greater than 20 characters
  • Begin with a standard 3-4 character abbreviation for its sponsor school/center (see Appendix)
  • Include the Type of resource in the account name (see table below)
  • Blank spaces are not allowed
  • A dash should be used instead of an underscore. Underscores do not always appear on screen when using a browser to access mail.
Type Abbreviation
Conference RoomConf [check--is this right? "Room"?]
Classroom Class
Helpdesk Help
Projector Proj
  • ISCConf337a (ISC 3401 Walnut Conf 337a)  
  • ​​WHAProj01 (Wharton Projector 01)

Please note: It is possible to keep the actual account name hidden (if, for example, adding a standard prefix impacts an account’s branding). Use an email alias for the account, rather than the actual account name, and set up the Display Name with the more appropriate account description.

Display Names

Display name requirements:
  • Should be no longer than 30 characters
  • Should be unambiguous, descriptive, and succinct.
  • May include SMTP RFC compliant character EXCEPT for commas and parentheses. (Dashes and spaces are both acceptable.)
Display name format:
  1. Start with the sponsoring org name
  2. Include Type of resource. This would group all resources of a particular type together (see Type table in Account name section).
  • ISC 3401 Walnut 265C Conf A

O365 email naming conventions for non-PennKey or shared accounts

For approval of the SMTP address for a non-PennKey account, the account name must be unambiguous (a name clearly referring to one and only one UPenn entity) and there can be no conflict with an existing PennName assigned to another individual. In addition, a compelling business justification is required.

address

The Sign-in address will be unique across the tenant and will be provided by the O365 service based on the format (e.g. rather than If an organization does not have a third level domain that the service is virtually hosting, then will be used.

Common mailbox accounts are characterized by a recurrence in more than one org of a particular account name (e.g. and Common mailbox accounts with email addresses are not available.

Outlook search overview

IMPORTANT: When you do a search in Outlook, it only looks at some of an account’s fields and searches by the start of each field’s content only.

From within Outlook, the GAL searches on the following fields:

  • Display Name
  • Surname (Note: NOT first name)
  • Alias
  • Recipient Type Details (i.e. the Account Type)



Standard School/Center abbreviations

APPC – Annenberg Public Policy Center
ASC – Annenberg School of Communications
BSD - Business Services
DAR - Development and Alumni Relations
DES - School of Design
DOF - Department of Finance
DRIA - Department of Recreation and Athletics
FRES – Facilities and Real Estate Services
GSE - Graduate School of Education
HR - Human Resources
LIB - University Library
MUS- Museum NUR - School of Nursing
OACP - Office of Audit Compliance and Privacy
PDM - School of Dental Medicine
PRES - President
PROVOST - Provost
RES - Residential
SAS - School of Arts and Sciences
SEAS - School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
VET - School of Veterinary Medicine
VPUL - Student Services
WHA – Wharton