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PennO365 Technical Support Information

This is a page covering the technical information about the configuration and support of PennO365.  If you are looking for more general PennO365 information, see the landing page of the PennO365 Knowledgebase.

Note: Data in PennO365 falls under the Penn Data Risk Classification categorization.


PennO365 Technical Overviews

These are the tools used by LSPs to support PennO365 accounts and users.

  • ARS - Used for PennO365 mailbox management, check and apply overrides for various Schools/Centers.
  • Grouper - A centralized middleware system allowing distributed management of permissions and groups of people/entities for authorization or other reasons.  
  • Enrollment Tool - Used to determine an account's PennO365 email status.
  • O365 web troubleshooting tool - A Microsoft tool for autodiscover, connectivity issues, and message header analysis (for checking spam issues).

Deprecated LSP tools replaced by ARS.

  • Cloud Control (deprecated 3/15/2021) - Previously used for mailbox enabling/disabling, resetting a mailbox password, and entering or changing a budget code.
  • Override Tool (deprecated 3/15/2021) - Previously used to check/apply overrides.  Overrides can be used to make the account eligible for a mailbox (if it is not automatically) or move the account to a different school/center.  This is now done in ARS.