ITPTF Membership

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Dan Alig, Wharton 

David Allegretti, Social Policy & Practice (SP2)

Christopher Blickley, Human Resources    

Richard Cardona, Annenberg    

Joe Cruz, Wharton

Cathy DiBonaventura, Design    

Robert Faille, Development & Alumni Relations (DAR)     

George Fox, Department of Public Safety (DPS)

Brent Friedman, Business Services    

Jane Gilbert, Student Registration & Financial Services (SRFS)    

Michael Herzog, Education (PSOM) 

Victoria Iannotta, Facilities    

David Ishamel, Division of Finance      

Marko Jarymovych, Athletics    

Andre Jenkins, Medicine (PSOM)    

Marilyn Jost, Facilities    

Daniel Katzenberg, Budget Office

Trevor Lewis, Office of the Provost   

Kay McDonnell, Law   

Lou Metzger, Undergraduate Admissions

Melissa Miller, Dental

Tejash Patel, Nursing    

Warren Petrofsky, Arts & Sciences (SAS)

Magida Phillips, Business Services   

Smith Ragsdale, Veterinary Medicine   

Scott Schafer, Office of Audit, Compliance and Privacy (OACP)

Kevin Secrest, Office of Audit, Compliance and Privacy (OACP)   

Joseph Shannon, Division of Finance   

Mary Spada, Office of Vice Provost for University Life (VPUL)

Marilyn Spicer, College Houses & Academic Services (CHAS)

Ira Winston, Arts & Sciences (SAS)

Barak Zahavy, Office of Vice Provost for Research

Joe Zucca, Libraries