Network Design & Installation - Rates

Service FY'18 FY'19
Project Rates    
Project Management $95/hour $95/hour
Network Designs $110/hour $110/hour
Billable Maintenance (Troubleshooting)   
Monday-Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm  
First Tier Techs $80/hour $80/hour
Second Tier Techs $105/hour $105/hour
Third Tier Engineering Support (router configuration, network analysis, etc.) $135/hour $135/hour
Overtime Rates  
Monday-Friday 5:01pm to 8:59am  
First Tier Techs $117.50/hour $117.50/hour
Second Tier Techs $155/hour $155/hour
Third Tier Engineering Support (router configuration, network analysis, etc.) $205/hour $205/hour
Custom Engineering Services  
Network Design and Consultation $145/hour $145/hour
Custom Programming $165/hour $165/hour
Custom Engineering and Design $205/hour $205/hour

Contractor labor costs for data services will vary depending on building architecture, type of wiring, and location of wiring closet in relation to a wallplate.

Labor costs for voice service installations may include one-time charges from Verizon for new or relocated lines and one-time charges from Telecommunications for technician labor and materials.

Fiber Circuit Rentals

Service FY'18 FY'19
Build and Modify Costs  
Build a new fiber circuit $1,000/circuit $1,000/circuit
Modify an existing fiber circuit $500/circuit $500/circuit

Multimode circuit modifications are not available.

Rush service is available for new/modified circuits at a cost of $500.00/circuit requested with less than 20 business days lead time.

Additional one time charges may be required for contractor installation. A minimum of 24 strands will be run to each new location. A minimum of 12 strands must be tipped.

Service FY'18 FY'19
Single Mode Circuit Rentals  
Basic Support (Regular Business Hours) $200/month $200/month
Enhanced Support (Extended Business Hours) $400/month $400/month
Premium Support (Nights, Weekends, and University Holidays) $600/month $600/month

Service level are indicative of "response." Resolution times will remain on a best effort based on the extent of damage/problem.

Service FY'18 FY'19
Multimode Service Rentals  
Legacy Support (Next Business Day) $325/month $325/month

Effective July 1, 2016 no new multimode circuits will be built. Multimode is suiitable for in room connectivity only.

ISC may at it's option build a single mode replacement circuit for any multimode circuit or cable that is damaged. No further response will be provided.

Singlemode circuits to replace multimode circuits can be requested and will be built without a build charge until January 2018.

ISC rate increases are generally aligned with University increases.

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