Today, Tuesday, August 4th, 2020, Apple introduced new iMac desktop systems. These systems form the basis of the macOS configurations in the University's Desktop Recommendations and Desktop Purchasing Guide.

There's much of interest about these new iMacs, including higher performance processors, improved base configurations, TrueTone displays, and a superior integrated camera. However, the most notable thing about them is that they are likely among the last new Mac introductions to feature Intel microprocessors instead of Apple's ARM-based chips.

Based on previous processor transitions from Apple, ISC believes that these systems will be usable for well over a standard four-year life-cycle. As an example, PowerPC iMacs were supported by a patched version of macOS for over five years following their last sold date. Thus, ISC sees no higher risk in purchasing an Intel-based iMac then with any other new desktop purchase. As such, these iMacs are now integrated into the Desktop Purchasing Guide.