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April 2018 update to the four-year technology roadmap

The April 2018 update (revision 59) to the four-year University-wide technology roadmap is available to University constituents as a PDF document on Penn+Box at:

The primary goal of this technology roadmap is to help Penn’s technology professionals make contextual decisions within the overall University technology environment. It is intended for internal use—please do not forward it to non-Penn individuals.

This tenth update to the roadmap that was initially released in October 2015 ago has 50 of the 170 existing technologies modified in some way. Two technologies are newly tracked—High-Speed Data Transfer and Electronic Research Notebook. Five technologies have been removed; Operational Technology, Science DMZ, Advanced Layer 2 Services, Advanced Layer 3 Services, and QuickTime Player. All modified technologies are delineated by an orange box to the right of their name and described in the changelog on the final page of the roadmap.

This roadmap represents a best current estimate of the status of these technologies. It will often revise over time and is completely re-evaluated every quarter. My thanks go to the many individuals across the University (about 30) who have assisted in compiling this eleventh release of the roadmap.