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Changes coming to AirPennNet in August 2017

Wireless usage continues to scale upward on campus. To keep up with the demand for IP space, ISC will be changing how IP address allocations are managed for AirPennNet.


Overview of Changes

This change will allow ISC to better allocate IP addresses for wireless users. Instead of having a specific subnet allocated per building or group of buildings, users of will be assigned an IPv4 address from any one of Penn's public address pools no matter where they are on campus. These address pools are,,, and IPv6 addresses will continue to be assigned by SLAAC within the 2607:f470:6::/48 range.

In the past, buildings have had a subnet allocated to them, or to a grouping of buildings. This method for allocation has led to an inefficient use of IP addresses to support wireless clients. ISC staff have had to carefully monitor IPv4 address usage and frequently change building subnets or create groups of buildings to share subnets to stay ahead of demand.

ISC will be moving to new method of IPv4 address allocation moves away from allocating IPv4 subnets per building to eliminate the need to make frequent changes and improve to overall utilization of the limited amount of routable IPv4 addressing.



 August 15-17, 2017             Phased deployment in Residence Halls and parts of campus
 August 22-24, 2017             Phased deployment to the rest of campus


What will Schools/Centers need to do to support these changes?

ISC recommends updating Access Control Lists (ACLs) on devices such as printers and firewalls to reflect this change in IP addressing for AirPennNet, as needed. Failure to do so might result in connectivity issues for users.

If you have any questions, please contact Client Care by emailing or calling (215) 898-1000.

 -The AirPennNet Service Team