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3401 Walnut Data Center Outages Scheduled for 2015

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ISC has scheduled a full data center outage for the weekend of August 1 and 2, 2015. Here are details about the August outage and a list of additional outage dates scheduled for 2015.

August 1 and 2 Full Data Center Outage

ISC will keep IT Roundtable updated throughout the schedule as the outage date approaches, including asking for your feedback as we engage the Penn community.

  • The August 1 and 2 data outage is required for preventive maintenance of electrical systems, thus a full electrical shutdown of the facility is required.  We are reserving 12 hours, although service may be restored somewhat earlier
  • All computer systems housed within the 3401 Walnut Data Center will be unavailable.  A list of affected services and applications will be forthcoming.  As in similar outages, we ask that you do not schedule system-dependent events during this time
  • Detailed information about the outage will be announced via emails to the appropriate user lists, published in university-wide publications like the Almanac, and posted on the ISC website.  Starting in July, informational sessions will also be held
  • We will be coordinating this effort in conjunction with Penn Facilities, and an ISC Project Manager will be assigned.

Full List of 3401 Walnut Data Center Outages Scheduled for 2015

Below is the 3401 Walnut Data Center outage schedule for 2015. Scheduled outages are required for regular maintenance of the technology infrastructure that supports University systems, and is key to the data center providing consistent and predictable service.  Examples of work to be performed include hardware maintenance, repair and upgrades, software upgrades and patching, and changes to improve performance and manageability of systems.  While there is never a perfect time for the data center to be off-line, we have scheduled all outages for weekends and on dates that are the least disruptive to significant campus events and key dates in the University’s academic and business calendars. 

  • Sunday, February 7:  Successfully completed.
  • Sunday, June 7:  Start time: 12:01 A.M.; End time: 8:00 A.M., although service may be restored somewhat earlier.
  • Saturday & Sunday, August 1 to 2:  Reserving 12 hours, although service may be restored somewhat earlier.
  • Sunday, October 4:  Reserving 8 hours, although service may be restored somewhat earlier.

Please share this announcement with anyone who provides IT support in your school or center.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation as we prepare for these necessary service interruptions.

Tom Murphy
Vice President, Information Technology & University Chief Information Officer