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The content on this rates page reflects rates for this service in FY19. Starting in FY20, this service will receive funding as one of the "common-good" services funded by the Penn Technology Investment Committee (PTIC). Additional information about each PTIC service will be published in Fall 2019.


Voice over IP Service  
PennNet Phone Line $18.75/month $18.75/month
Port Charge $4.75/month $4.75/month
Polycom VVX 401 - 12 line Desk Set Rental $3.00/month $3.00/month
Polycom VVX 201 - 2 line Wall Mount Set Rental $4.00/month $4.00/month
Polycom 321 - 2 line Desk Set Rental (Discontinued) $3.00/month $3.00/month
Polycom 321 - 2 line Wall Mount Set Rental (Discontinued) $4.00/month $4.00/month
Polycom 550 - 4 line Desk Set Rental $3.00/month $3.00/month
Polycom 550 - 4 line Wall Mount Set Rental $4.00/month $4.00/month
Polycom 650 - 6 line Desk Set Rental $3.00/month $3.00/month
Polycom 650 - 6 line Wall Mount Set Rental $4.00/month $4.00/month
Polycom Sidecar for the VVX 401 Desk Set Rental $5.00/sidecar/month $5.00/sidecar/month
Polycom IP 6000 Conference Phone Set Rental $12.00/month $12.00/month
PennNet Phone Voice Mailbox//Virtual Voice Mailbox/Transfer Only Mailbox $3.00/month $3.00/month
PennNet Phone Caller Menu $19.50/month $19.50/month
Local & Long Distance Usage  
PennNet Phone Local direct dialed calls included in line rate included in line rate
PennNet Phone Domestic direct dialed state-to-state calls included in line rate included in line rate
Activation & Conversion Rates  
 New VoIP Telephone Number $50/number $50/number
VoIP Port Activation $40/port $40/port
New VoIP Set $35/set $35/set
Convert Traditional Voice Number to PennNet Phone (VoIP) Number $50/number $50/number


  • PennNet Phone is ISC's telephone service that uses VoIP (Voice over IP) technology. VoIP converts your voice into data and transports it over PennNet. Because VoIP is digital, it offers a host of features not available with traditional analog phone service. With PennNet Phone, you can access voicemail through email, manage telephone and voicemail phone features anywhere you have access to a web browser, allow designated staff members to manage your PennNet Phone account, and search the public view of the Penn Directory using an IP phone. To learn more about PennNet Phone, please visit the Telephone and Voicemail Services website.
  • ISC bills University departments for PennNet Phone costs by directly charging the 5262 object code via BEN Financials; a summary of these charges is shown on the monthly budget report provided by the Comptroller's Office. These charges are stored in the data warehouse, and individuals who have access to the data warehouse for each school and center can create reports on PennNet Phone charges using Business Objects. All costs that can be directly charged back to a specific telephone number or department are identified.
  • Note: New FY18 rates are effective for July 2017 billing in August (one month lag).

ISC rate increases are generally aligned with University increases.

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