PennNet Phone - Rates

This service is funded by Allocated Funds as recommended by the Penn Technology Investment Committee (PTIC).

PTIC covered service components include:

  • Ongoing maintenance and monthly fees
  • Broken equipment replacement
  • Conversions from traditional to VoIP

Charge-back service components include:  

  • Set up costs for new phones and lines (sets and numbers)
  • Lost phone replacement charged
Item FY'20 FY'21
Activation & Conversion Rates  
 New VoIP Telephone Number $50/number $50/number
VoIP Port Activation $40/port $40/port
New VoIP Set $35/set $35/set


  • ISC bills University departments for PennNet Phone costs by directly charging the 5262 object code via BEN Financials; a summary of these charges is shown on the monthly budget report provided by the Comptroller's Office. These charges are stored in the data warehouse, and individuals who have access to the data warehouse for each school and center can create reports on PennNet Phone charges using Business Objects. All costs that can be directly charged back to a specific telephone number or department are identified.

ISC rate increases are generally aligned with University increases.

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