PennNet - Rates


The content on this rates page reflects rates for this service in FY19. Starting in FY20, this service will receive funding as one of the "common-good" services funded by the Penn Technology Investment Committee (PTIC). Additional information about each PTIC service will be published in Fall 2019.


The PennNet service itself is covered by the Central Service Fee (CSF) through June 30, 2019. Advanced network solution design and implementation incur labor charges. These will vary depending on building architecture, type of wiring, and location of wiring closet in relation to a wallplate. Labor costs for voice service installations may include one-time charges from Verizon for new or relocated lines and one-time charges from Telecommunications for technician labor and materials.

The current rate for this service is based on time and materials. We also have a monthly rate for Router Ports of $42.95.

For more information, contact ISC Client Care.

ISC rate increases are generally aligned with University increases.

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