PennO365 Knowledgebase

NOTE: This information is intended for IT staff that support users of the PennO365 service.  If you are a user in need of assistance, support is available from the IT organization of your school or center.  Click here if you are unsure who you should contact.


PennO365 Overview

A general overview of the PennO365 service and specific information for new IT staff that will be supporting PennO365 users.  Start here to learn about the environment, terminology, and tools needed to support PennO365.


News and announcements about the PennO365 service.

Software & Devices

General recommednations and Information regarding the configuration of email clients and devices to connect to PennO365.

O365 Applications

Information about the O365 applications that are available to PennO365 users.

Support Resources

Resource articles related to supporting PennO365 including known issues, technical how-to's, frequently asked questions, and general technical information about the PennO365 service.

Troubleshooting Tools

Information for IT support staff related to useful tools for troubleshooting O365 issues.

O365-SIG Archive

An archive of the O365 Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting series.  Past presentations, meeting notes, and recordings are available. More information about O365-SIG is available here.