Mark Wehrle

IT Technical Director, ISC TS Communications & Collaboration Technologies
Mark Wehrle headshot

Mark Wehrle is the IT Technical Director of Technology Services Communications & Collaborations Technologies team. With over 35 years of IT Operations and Engineering experience, he has established a proven track record of providing technical oversight in designing highly reliable network and Internet connectivity for the University’s enterprise wired, wireless, optical, and telephony networks. Under Mark’s leadership, his engineering team is responsible for evaluation and provisioning of advanced IP network designs, enterprise routing for wired and wireless services, firewall and VPN services, PennNet Phone and Unified Communications (UC), and Identity and Access Management services. His team also designs and supports advanced optical and IP routing services for MAGPI Regional Optical Network services for Internet2 connectivity. Before joining ISC, Mark worked as technical support and production operations for two startup companies that provided 3rd party repair of mini and microcomputers, and communications devices.  Mark represents the University of Pennsylvania as a member of the Network Policy Committee (NPC), and the IT Planning Task Force (IT PTF).

Mark holds a BBA from The Wharton School of Business. He also earned a Master’s of Science in Organizational Dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania, where he received graduate certificates in Leadership, Management, and Project, Portfolio and Program Management. His thesis topic was on IT Business Continuity, A Case Study on Organizational Resiliency.