Virtual Desktop - Rates

Virtual Desktop
Standard Desktop 2 CPU 2 GB RAM, 25GB personal storage available, non-persistent, single location $20.00/month $20.00/month
Desktop with Cloudpod brokering One machine, Cloudpod brokering, non-persistent $22.00/month $22.00/month
High Availability 2 Standard desktops per user, one in each location, non-persistent $30.00/month $30.00/month
GPU Desktop 1 GB GPU, 16 GB RAM, single location $75.00/month $75.00/month
Memory increases (2 GB Blocks)   $2.00/block/month $2.00/block/month
Application Delivery (Licensing is paired with either Standard Desktop or Cloudpod/HA service options)
Licensing Includes CAL and Horizon license for 1 user $10.00/month/concurrent user $10.00/month/concurrent user


Time and material rates will apply for all client-specific work (projects, upgrades, implementations, etc.). Estimates will be provided to clients as requests are received.

These time and material rates will go into effect for existing clients beginning FY21.

ISC rate increases are generally aligned with University increases.

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