Wireless at Penn - Rates

This service is funded by Allocated Funds as recommended by the Penn Technology Investment Committee (PTIC).

PTIC covered service components include:

  • Ongoing maintenance and monthly fees

Charge-back components will include:

  • Installations and activations
  • Project related costs i.e. new construction, etc.
  • Additional APs above and beyond design recommendations (see below)


Installation Fees

Several steps are needed to install wireless service in a new area. These steps include:

  1. Complete a Site Survey – To determine the intended coverage area for the new wireless LAN, as well as the locations for each Access Point (AP), a site survey is necessary.
  2. Design and Build virtual LAN – A virtual LAN specific to the new site needs to be designed and built. In addition, all network devices (the building entrance device and all wiring closets) within the vLAN area need to be reconfigured to recognize the new vLAN.
  3. Connect to Central Infrastructure – A fiber circuit must be built to connect the new wireless vLAN to the University's central wireless infrastructure.
  4. Install APs – Each AP needs to be installed, configured, and tested.

Standard ISC labor rates will be charged for each installation step. When all labor is averaged for larger wireless LANs, costs are approximately $800 per AP. Cost averages will be slightly higher for smaller wLANs (nearly same amount of labor, but fewer APs).

For more information on Wireless Local Area Networks at Penn, please visit ISC's Wireless Access pages.

ISC rate increases are generally aligned with University increases.

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