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Microsoft Edge

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Microsoft released Edge for Windows 10 with that operating system's initial release on July 29, 2015.

Edge is a Microsoft web browser bundled with Windows 10, and is not available for other desktop operating systems, including previous versions of Windows. Microsoft's previous flagship browser, Internet Explorer 11, is still bundled with Windows 10 for compatibility, though Edge is set as the default browser for new Windows 10 installations.

In contrast to Internet Explorer, Edge is much more lightweight. It does not support ActiveX controls, Java, or browser helper objects, opting instead to follow the model of other browsers like Firefox and Chrome and provide extensibility through plug-ins, though plug-in support was unavailable at the browser's official release. Edge also significantly outperforms Internet Explorer in web standards tests.

Information Systems & Computing (ISC) supports Microsoft Edge versions 38.14393 and above. Version 38.14393 was released alongside of Windows 10 Anniversary Update, and is the first version of Edge to have plug-in functionality supported. Prior versions of the browser had less functionality and more compatibility issues, and are not recommended.

While Edge is supported, ISC strongly recommends that support providers continue to provide a supplemental browser such as Internet Explorer 11 or Firefox ESR to clients using BEN Financials, Business Objects/Webi, or other Enterprise applications, as most of these applications are not compatible with Edge at present.

Important note: For more information on the specific desktop environment requirements for systems such as BEN Financials, the University's budget planning applications (Oracle EPM/Hyperion), and Webi/Business Objects, please see the Desktop Requirements for Administrative Systems Users article.


Microsoft Edge is only compatible with Windows 10.  A mobile version is available for Windows 10 Mobile only.


No further configuration is necessary.

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