Staff Profiles

Meet some of our talented and dedicated team

Portrait photo of Ali A.

Ali A.

Senior IT Support Specialist, HireIT

“I’ve consistently witnessed the rewards of effective teamwork and the sheer joy of contributing to Penn's mission.”

Portrait photo of Jeanette P.

Jeanette P.

Business Manager, ACIO Finance

“If you give people the knowledge they need, you empower them. But that means you have to take the time to empower them.”

Portrait photo of Maureen G.

Maureen G.

Staff Assistant, SVP and Administration

“I don’t think people understand, unless they’ve worked in a place like Penn, how many different roles there are and how much you can learn from each other.”

Portrait photo of Dave T.

Dave T.

Software Asset Management Lead, IT Supply Chain

“The best aspect of working with clients is getting to understand their needs and learning how I can help them in my role.”

Portrait photo of Andre H.

Andre H.

Client Relationship Manager, Relationship Management

“I realized how lucky I was to work with, and for, and on behalf of so many great people.”

Portrait photo of Wiam Y.

Wiam Y.

Information Security Training Officer

“I make it a point to walk around on campus to feel that energy, and it makes me so happy.”