Victor D.

Sr. Data Analyst, Enterprise Information and Analytics — ISC Application & Information Services
Victor D. portrait photo

ISC service(s) or programs/projects: Full-time on NGSS; working on the ODS (Penn operational data store), both reporting from that and moving data to the Data Warehouse.

Length of time in ISC:  Joined ISC and Penn in 2020

Previous work experience:  I was at La Salle from 2010 to 2020, working with student data in the Registrar’s office. I moved to Institutional Research and completed a Master’s in IT Leadership, then moved into a role as in IT as a business intelligence systems analyst. My undergrad degree is from LaSalle in history, followed by a Masters in International Relations. Those humanities and social science degrees help understand how to look at data—how to use it and make it usable for others. Then work experience helps you builds up those skills.

Tell us about a challenge at Penn that made you proud to be part of ISC.

Release 1 of Pennant Aid! We can really see how the work we did helps users in the Financial Aid office. They find value in capabilities they have now that they didn’t have earlier. I’m proud and happy to be part of the group that was able to bring that complex system to life.

What’s an interesting technical or business problem you’ve faced with ISC?

What comes to mind is the need to fit reporting requirements into Webi, our reporting tool. For the upcoming Pennant Student system, the database for degree auditing is oriented so much to student and advisor needs that reporting analytics are insufficient. I’m working with a functional team to pull info out of the database into the Data Warehouse so that folks can answer ad hoc questions, such as “How many junior Econ students enrolled for next Fall are missing the second required elective for their major?”

What do you like best about working with clients?

So far, I’ve mainly dealt with Financial Aid staff and some with the Registrar’s Office and Schools. For these people, Pennant’s a daunting system and process change, and their willingness to be adaptable and move forward together to reach a system that will be better for them and their colleagues is amazing.

How has the pandemic changed the way you approach your role?

I have two beautiful daughters. Working from home, if I have an hour break, I can share meals with them. That’s great, and it breaks up the day a bit. Being there for my wife and children is a pandemic blessing in disguise.

What are you passionate about in your free time?

Apart from spending time with my family, I’m into soccer. On TV, I follow the Premier League. I have a hard time staying up late, so its daytime US broadcast schedule suits me. I used to play in the local adult league in Philly. We recently moved, so I’m investigating adult soccer leagues near Cherry Hill.

What else would you most like people at Penn to know about you?

I’m really looking forward to meeting people in person and attending my first Penn athletic event with my daughter!