Service Level Agreements

As part of ISC’s Priorities Program, we drafted Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for each ISC service to clarify the service levels clients can expect. SLAs are reviewed annually.

Links to completed SLAs appear on their respective services’ detail pages, as well as in the lists below.

Alphabetical List of SLAs
  • SLA Review/Update: About one year after an SLA was last published, the service's Service Providers get together with an ISC Relationship Manager and the SLA Annual Review Process Owner to review and update the SLA. Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature is used to highlight where changes have been made. 
  • SLA Shared with Key Clients/Feedback Requested: Clients who are key stakeholders of the service are sent a copy of the updated SLA draft. They are asked to review the SLA and to provide feedback within 10-12 days. 
  • Feedback is Reviewed/Incorporated: After the client review period ends, the Service Providers review all feedback and determine how best to incorporate it into the SLA OR their other service communications and processes. 
  • Feedback Providers Receive Response: Once all updates have been made, clients who sent questions or comments receive a response to their feedback letting them know how it was incorporated. 
  • Updated SLA is Published: The updated SLA is published on the ISC website’s

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