MAGPI is a regional optical network run by the University of Pennsylvania that provides high performance access to the national research and education network known as Internet2 and their 86 international partners. MAGPI provides bandwidth access to Internet2 and other MAGPI clients, optical network connections to Princeton NJ and New York City, and Consulting services. The provision of off-campus bandwidth leverages economies of scale for institutions seeking access to advanced networks by sharing costs between multiple clients. Optical connections are available on leased fiber optic cabling lit with Ciena electronics. Capacities include 1G, 10G, and 100G.


  • Direct support to Penn research community
  • International collaborator facilitator
  • Productivity gains for research data transfers
  • Enables new grant applications requiring low latency off-campus connections

Who Can Benefit from This Service

University faculty, staff, and UPHS

Peer institutions - Princeton, Rutgers, NJEDge, University of Delaware, CHOP, ITHAKA, Intermediate Units

Additional Information and Resources

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