Developer Special Interest Group

The Covenant, a campus sculpture

The Developer Special Interest Group (SIG) was created due to widespread interest in improving developer awareness and cooperation within the Penn community.  The goal of the SIG is to improve IT cooperation, interoperability and technology across Penn's schools, centers and health system.

Meetings are held on the second Monday each month from 2-3pm in the Sansom West Bits and Pieces room.  The format of this group differs from other special interest groups, emphasizing hands-on evaluation, demos, and contributions from participants for a more developer-oriented, agile approach.  Areas of focus include:

  • Creating common APIs, libraries, and coding practices across Penn from the developer community
  • Discussions of tools, languages, frameworks, and software development methodologies being used at Penn
  • Evaluations of new technologies and tools

The Developer SIG has active conversations on its Slack team, and code contributions are maintained in a GitLab repository. 

If you're interested in participating or have any ideas or questions, please contact the co-leads Tim Allen (Wharton) or Matt Schleindl (ISC), or join the Slack team.

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