Service Management Office

The ISC Service Management Office (SMO) maintains a strategic overview of the portfolio, ensuring alignment with broader strategic goals, a consistent approach, and a positive customer experience.  It is a continual process that integrates business strategy with operational performance to synchronize resources, strategies, and schedules - minimizing risk, maximizing resources, increasing customer satisfaction, and reducing costs.

Responsible for the Service and Portfolio Management practices within ISC, we develop standards, tools and processes, to help owners and division leads design, launch, operate and retire their services in a consistent and efficient manner and continuously improve the services we offer.

Specific Responsibilities include:

Portfolio Oversight

  • Ongoing monitoring and management of our goals and overall portfolio - ensuring that our portfolio aligns with ISC and University strategies
  • Portfolio optimization, identifying services for inclusion, retirement, or redesign - ensuring that the services we offer align with client needs.
  • Oversight of portfolio finances, to optimize efficiency and effectiveness
  • Ongoing risk assessment and evaluation of services, to act as an escalation point for high-risk service changes

Monitoring and Metrics

  • Maintain a list of active service offerings and details of their finances and management
  • Develop and maintain metrics to assess the performance of the portfolio and track how services are progressed through their lifecycle.
  • Gather and monitor client demand across existing and potential service offerings

Stakeholder Communications

  • The management of stakeholder relations and dissemination of data, including portfolio performance, changes, risk, and pipeline status.