About the Penn Technology Investment Committee

The Penn Technology Investment Committee (PTIC) is made up of a cross-section of senior administrators from across the University.  Its purpose is to elevate conversation about IT investments, organization, value, and strategy to a higher level, positioning Penn for the future of IT. 

Committee Goals

  • Position Penn for the future of IT
    • Develop models for sustaining “common good” infrastructure
  • Drive higher value from our investments in technology at Penn
    • Promote operational effectiveness and efficiency in IT
    • Focus resources on highest value and innovation for Schools/Centers
  • Foster shared governance of IT financial decisions
    • Make better economic decisions for the University as a whole at the School/Center financial leader level 
  • Reduce friction between Schools, Centers, and ISC
    • Minimize complexity of chargeback model


  • Govern common good services collectively
  • Fund Common Good from the University center (Allocated)
    • Email and messaging
    • PennNet (port charges and the Central Service Fee bundle)
    • Voice services
    • Select enterprise software - Adobe, Lynda (LinkedIn Learning)
    • Academic Tool Kit technologies — Zoom, Panopto, etc.
  • Support a Common Solutions IT Development Fund
    • Provides funding to pilot new solutions to benefit entire University
    • Encourages thoughtful experimentation
    • Speeds time to market and empowers IT leadership
    • PTIC governs release of funds
  • Identify overall IT spend at Penn
    • Focusing on core IT, look at technology investment across Schools & Centers
    • Determining opportunity and risk areas to address as a collaborative leadership group


  • Minimize complexity of chargeback model, re-focusing resources and conversations on innovative solutions for Schools and Centers
  • Reduce administrative overhead related to tracking and billing for baseline services
  • Level the playing field for all Schools and Centers when it comes to baseline services

Services Affected

On the ISC rates page, all services designated “P” are considered part of the common good services receiving allocated funding.


PTIC stands for the Penn Technology Investment Committee. The committee is made up of a cross section of senior administrators charged with evaluating the IT funding model and making recommendations for the future.
ISC billing models have evolved over many decades, starting at a time when technology was emerging, and clients could opt-in or out of services that today have become core to our institution. This created complexities and associated expenses around billing, cost recovery, and reconciliation. In an effort to reduce this complexity, the committee determined which services should be provided as core services in a standardized and consistent manner for all of Penn (defined as “common good” services) and recommended those be funded through the allocated cost pool.
These changes go into effect July 01, 2019.
Please contact your local Business Administrator or Financial Administrator for more information on org level budgetary impact or Nicole Tomlinson (nicolet@upenn.edu) in the Budget Office who will work with you to ensure a full understanding of the transition and the projected impact at a school or center level. Should you have ISC service related questions, please contact ISC Client Care at help@isc.upenn.edu.