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Network Names & Numbers Management Console FAQ

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What is the Network Names & Numbers Management Console?

The Network Names & Numbers Management Console (NNN) enables the ability for IT Staff throughout the University to manage the IP Space and Domain Name resources used by their School or Center. Notable functions include IP Address Management, DNS and Administrative Tasks.

How do you Access the NN&N Management Console?

To sign into the management console, navigate to the following link in the browser of your choice:

You will be prompted with a login screen that asks for “Login” and “Password,” do not enter anything into these fields, but instead, click “Sign in with Penn WebLogin SSO” to be taken to the single sign on screen. Enter your PennKey credentials and Log in.

How do you determine the gateway address for an assigned IP address?

Navigate to the properties page for the address in question by using the Global Search. 

From the properties page for the, click on "Address:" (in blue text on the breadcrumb trail) to see the list of addresses that contains this address.

In most cases, the gateway will be the first assignable IP in the subnet.

How do I create an address with a name equal to a delegated name space suffix?

SOLIDserver has a bug that does not allow for this, but a workaround is present.

A longer host name must first be created. Once all required fields are populated for address creation, configure the Alias as the name space suffix.

This can also be accomplished in the DNS module by assigning the address to a Resource Record.

Can you find what IP Ranges are in a particular building? 

Under the All Networks tab you can search for the building under the Name field. A list of Subnets associated with that building will then display. Click a Subnet to see its IP Ranges. 

What does it mean for an address to be “Free”? Is it not in the DNS until it is assigned?

An Address is in the DNS if it is free, even if it is not assigned. It is just unnamed/blank at that time.

Do DHCP ranges need to have individual assignments made?

DHCP has bulk assignments and would all have a uniform building code.

Is any MAC Address or Firewall Data provided in the NNN Management Console? 

Not unless it was added as a note under the address. MAC address of Firewall Data is not something that is searchable.

What do I do if I do not have access on a range I was expected to have access to?

Please open a ticket with the T2 Network Names & Numbers Group so they can make sure the range is accessible for your desired group. When new ranges are created, they are done so in SOLIDserver and groups must be added at that time. It is possible the group was not added when the range was created.

What do I do if I have access beyond what is expected?

Proceed with caution while making changes. It is possible you may have more permissions than with Assignments. Reach out to the NN&N team with any further questions.

Are there any recommended best practices centrally or are they left to the Schools and Centers?

This is typically delegated by the Schools and Centers. If further clarification is needed, please open a ticket with the T3 Network Names & Numbers team.

Are there actions that I need to take beyond the SOLIDserver application for something like a third/forth/fifth level domain?

Schools and Centers can typically handle this independently, including 4th and 5th level domains. For Third Level Domain requests, please use the available tile in Support Center.

Is there a template or guidelines available to help Schools and Centers draft policies.

The centrally available Network Names & Numbers Management Console Guide can be used as a reference. Schools and Centers can tailor to their specific needs from there.