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PennBox FAQ

Answers to common questions about PennBox can be found below.


If you have a PennKey and one of the following affiliations in PennCommunity: Student, Faculty, Staff, Temporary Staff, Service Provider, Contingent Worker, Emeritus Retired Faculty/Staff, or HUP Corporate (HCOR), open a supported web browser to this address Since PennBox is Single Sign-On (SSO), you may or may not need to authenticate, depending on whether you have already authenticated to a Penn web resource earlier that day. You will automatically provision a PennBox for yourself. The account default email address will be (no third-level domain name.) IMPORTANT: Do NOT delete this address in your PennBox settings!

Note for PennMedicine participants: routing for your email alias is currently NOT in place. You must add your email account in your PennBox account settings in order for collaboration to happen. Do NOT delete the address in your PennBox settings!

There is no cost for individual or group PennBox accounts.

Please store no more than 4096 files per folder. If you need to store more than 4096 files on Penn+Box, create new folder(s) for the additional files.

PennBox data is only accessible on mobile devices by using the Box app for the corresponding platform, available on the corresponding app store: iOS App Store, or Android's Google Play Store.

Launch the Box app; tap “Use Single Sign On (SSO)”; type; authenticate with your PennKey and password; set a 4 digit PIN


This form was chosen since it facilitates SSO. The <pennkey> identity should not be removed from the account.

To provision a PennBox account, you must have a PennKey and at least one of the following affiliations in PennCommunity: Student (STU), Staff (STAF), Faculty (FAC), Temporary (TEMP), Contingent worker (CTWK), Emeritus Retired Faculty/Staff (ERF), Service Provider Active (SERV), Corporate on HUP Payroll (HCOR).

Be sure you are entering your PennKey credentials correctly. You can test your PennKey at Are your required affiliations “Active” in PennCommunity (see above)? Are you using the Single Sign-On URL (

You may have two Box accounts. Try logging in to your account using the following URL:, then try logging into The first URL is a commodity account. The second URL is for PennBox access.

Check the sort order for your folders. Check for a second page of folders. If they shared their folders using a Shared Link, you must click that link to see the folders. If your collaborators are from a different school, enterprise or company, their folders need to be accessible to people with the link (see Settings/Shared Links.)

Make sure your shared files or folders are accessible to “People with the link,…” (see Settings/Shared Links.) Make sure you are addressing the collaborator invitations correctly. Our default email accounts are of form <pennkey> (no 3nd level domain.)

Account may be on’s suppression list due to a bounced email in the past. Box User Services needs to get involved with removing an account from the list; you must contact Mailings may be flagged as spam --check junk folders.

Settings and features:

Yes, and linked email accounts can be set as default. Any problems related to adding an email account may be attributed to the new address already existing in Box will only allow one instance of an email address in their systems. Check for other accounts.

No! If the account is removed from a PennBox account, SSO will no longer function, and potentially a 2nd PennBox account may be created for a user when logging in to

This process is still evolving. Currently, when a user with a PennBox account leaves Penn, and there is no data in the account, it is locked and slated for deletion. Accounts with data are essentially locked as the users no longer have a required PennCommunity affiliation. Access is only possible if an external password has been set with the account prior to affiliation change. At this time, accounts with data are not deleted.

While we do have a BAA in place, there has not been a blanket approval from the University. Generally speaking, it depends on local Schools and Centers.
Check with your school/center to be sure and discuss any questions/uncertainties with a Privacy Officer.