The AirPennNet-Guest wireless network acts as one large wireless hotspot for campus. PennKey holders will be able to configure their devices for AirPennNet, and guests will be required to register a properly formatted e-mail address, therefore eliminating the dependency on having a PennKey.

Note:Guest access has limitations that AirPennNet-does not:

  • Only basic Internet connectivity will be provided, including web browsing and secure protocols, such as standard VPN and RDP.
  • Bandwidth usage limits are in effect providing 3Mbps up/down per device.
  • Registration of devices on the AirPennNet-Guest wireless network will need to be renewed daily.
  • The AirPennNet-Guest wireless network will block hosts that may serve malicious content.
  • In case of abuse, repeat offenders will be blocked from using the AirPennNet-Guest wireless network.

How to Connect as a guest

  1. Select the AirPennNet-Guest SSID
  2. Open a browser
  3. Click "Guest Access" 
  4. Review and accept the Acceptable Use Policy terms and conditions
  5. Enter a valid email address
  6. Click Submit

Who Can Benefit from This Service

University guests

Additional Information and Resources